Be Brave.

Living in Oklahoma her whole life, Emily has grown to be inspired by her home state and the colors of the sky, texture of the plains, heritage of the people, and animals of the land.  She is also inspired by other parts of the world and the different cultures around the globe.  She believes that we are all human beings, and although we may be different walks of life, there are things that bring us purpose: a heart, soul, and an imagination.


Emily graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art from Oklahoma State University.  She currently resides with her husband and two dogs in Oklahoma City where she immerses herself in artistic environments every chance she gets. You might have seen her work in local restaurants, galleries, and private homes as well as juried exhibitions and various fundraising events.  Her greatest artistic achievement so far has been an individual exhibit in the North Gallery of the Oklahoma State Capitol, where she displayed 22 pieces of her collection titled “Make Believe”.


Emily’s creative style is very playful in nature, with whimsical subject matter, bright colors, and a variety of textures and materials.  Creativity replenishes her soul, and Emily believes that every person is innately born with an imaginative spirit and it is up to each person to let theirs out and experience true freedom.